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Window repair may range from modest handle replacement or repairing the elastic at the window edge to the replacement of the whole window. There are almost definitely windows installed for ventilation reasons in all of our lofts or landed homes. The following types of windows are often introduced:

 Casement window – a window that opens to connect a standard entrance.

 Sliding window – a window that moves across another window.

 Louvered window – a window with many boards above the one at the bottom. It is activated by depressing a switch.


Regardless matter the kind of window you have, it must be properly maintained to avoid significant penalties.


Window repair for conscientious homeowners

With or without the standards, it is only natural that property owners examine their windows on a regular basis and hire a professional to do window repair when they discover any damage or faults. If you have never performed an evaluation, contact our window repair jack of all trades as soon as possible. We can quickly replace your aluminum bolts with tempered steel ones. We can successfully install wellness plugs and point strips on your sliding window. Our contractors have the HDB and BCA permits, and our professionals are fully qualified and experienced to take on the task of window repair and replacement. We guarantee that you strictly adhere to the hdb and bca rules. You should be aware that all of our window-trained specialists, electricians, and handymen are qualified and certified to carry out their tasks.


Handyman Power Service Singapore offers window repair services.

  • Window lock replacement
  • Window hinges/arm replacement
  • Window tinting services
  • Window servicing
  • Casement window repair service
  • Window glass replacement
  • Window pane replacement
  • Window leak repair
  • Aluminum window repairs
  • Residential window repair
  • Commercial window repair


Window cleaning tips in Singapore

Windows are essential in all homes for providing air and light. Nonetheless, due to constant exposure to the climatic components, it is not surprising that the aluminum windows in our house would degrade with time due to mileage. Thus, regular repair of aluminum windows is necessary to ensure the safety of our fellow Singaporeans who pass by on our level.

As a HDB level owner, you are responsible for the upkeep of your home’s aluminum windows. HDB recommends that all property owners inspect their windows at least twice a year. On the sixth of June and the twelfth of December every year, HDB strongly advises us to examine our windows to avoid incidents of broken windows that endanger the lives of others. Because falling windows might endanger public safety, property owners may face a $10,000 fine as well as a year in jail if a window in their house falls. So, without further ado, be a trustworthy local by truly inspecting your windows twice a year and helping to make Singapore a safer place to live for you, your family, and your fellow Singaporeans and residents.