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Fridge Repair

We at Handyman Power Service Singapore are aware of the inconvenience that comes with a broken fridge. This is why we have a team of eager refrigerator repair Singapore specialists who are always ready to fix any refrigerator with confidence. All of our service specialists are experienced and knowledgeable about all makes and models of refrigerators. The most common appliance repair in Singapore is fridge repair. It is one of the few home appliances that runs continuously throughout the day. Because of this, it is not surprising that even your most meticulously maintained equipment breaks down. As much convenience as the refrigerator/fridge gives to each house, a refrigerator malfunction causes the family proportionately as many problems.

We fix almost all commercial refrigerator and freezer brands, including:

Not like a freezer, yet wine chiller repair is a pretty common household task in Singapore. Due to the training we provide to our professionals, our team is capable of handling a wide variety of brands.


  • Repairing a Samsung fridge in Singapore
  • Singapore LG refrigerator repair
  • Singapore Hitachi fridge repair
  • Singapore Panasonic fridge repair
  • Repairing a Mitsubishi fridge in Singapore
  • Repairing a Toshiba fridge
  • Beko Refrigerator Repair Singapore
  • Teka Refrigerator Repair Singapore
  • Repaired Electrolux refrigerator in Singapore


You may be sure that we have the perfect solution for anything from refrigerators that aren’t cold to refrigerators that leak water. We can also handle Singapore freezer repair and commercial fridge repairs! Here are a few types of repairs you could need.

  • Uncold refrigerator
  • Colder than freezing refrigerator
  • Unreliable refrigerator display
  • The light is malfunctioning.
  • It’s quite loud.
  • leaking refrigerator
  • The door is unable to close.

Expert & Competent Specialists

Simply put, it’s because all of our professionals are highly qualified and have years of expertise in refrigerator repair. This ensures that work is done to the highest standard. Additionally, our experts are kind people. This is also the reason why many Singaporean businesses and homes choose to use our expertise. Our experts are capable of performing a wide range of tasks, including LG fridge gasket replacement, Hitachi fridge light bulb replacement, cheap fridge repair in Singapore, fridge door seal replacement, fridge rubber seal replacement, and fridge gasket replacement in Singapore.

Singapore's Reliable & Reputable Fridge Repair Services

Finally, we are proud of the job we do. Make a call to Handyman Power Service Singapore right away so that our experts can assist you. Since our knowledgeable professionals will continue to get ongoing training to stay abreast of the most recent refrigerator models on the market, we are confident in our services. Therefore, any problem may be fixed perfectly and easily by the experts. For everyone to afford the services, Handyman Power Service Singapore offers inexpensive fridge repair in Singapore. We are certain that we can solve any problems with fridges. Call us right away at +6585397063for dependable and trustworthy professionals, or send us an email at powerhandyman713@gmail.com.