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Lighting Installation

The team of professionals at Handyman Power Service  Singapore specializes in lighting installation to help you create the eye-catching appearance you want for your space. We recognize that indoor lighting is a crucial component of interior design, but it may also be a major energy consumer. Because of this, our team assists both households and companies in installing lighting that best suits their lifestyle and their budget. Our electricians always prioritize your needs, thus we promise complete satisfaction. You may be certain that the job will be done correctly the first time when our team is on your team.

The services that Handyman Power Service Singapore provides

We provide the following services:

  • A ceiling light being hung
  • installation of ceiling lights
  • installation of led lighting
  • putting up ceiling led lighting
  • Setting up track lights
  • putting in LED strip lighting
  • installation of a downlight
  • LED light fixtures for tubes
  • swapping out a ceiling light
  • Switch the lightbulb Singapore

Installation of Interior Lightin

Our team is prepared to help you, whether you want to adjust the lighting or increase the energy efficiency in your home. Our electricians can manage any lighting installation technique, no matter how big or little since they are very competent, proficient, and trained to do so. Lighting solutions are created by our experts for nearby companies. We are dependable and customer-focused, so we can be sure to get the lighting you want.

Reduce Risk with Your Lighting Installation

A considerably more safe option than attempting to do it yourself is to use the services of a lighting specialist. Even the most challenging chores, like installing LED tube light fixtures or hanging a ceiling light, will be handled expertly by your professional. You are no longer limited by your skills if you hire a professional to take care of the electrical lines and lighting. If you want to add downlights, LED lights, or anything else, a skilled electrician can make it happen.

With Handyman Power Service Singapore, you can get superior services.

Handyman Power Service  Singapore can connect you with the ideal electrician if you need safe, reliable, and professional help with lighting installation. Regardless of how busy you are, finding the time to upgrade your lighting might be challenging. In addition, electrical wiring might be potentially dangerous if you do not know with it. Handyman Power Service  Singapore connects you with electrical service providers that have the knowledge and expertise necessary to quickly and expertly install your lights.


  • inspected and verified experts.
  • Welcoming customer assistance isavailable 24/7.
  • reasonable and truthful price.



Do not hesitate to contact our staff to use our services. We are waiting for your call to provide you with a suitable suggestion and to assist you in resolving all of your troubleshooting problems. Therefore, please feel free to call us at +6585397063 or email us at support@powerhandyman713@gmail.com We would be more than happy to assist you and will be available to you at all times.