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House Rewiring

The most important component of your electrical system is the wiring in your home. In the home, the system is just as challenging, and managing it is not just challenging but also quite dangerous. If you don’t have specialized knowledge, you should always engage a professional to rewire your whole property if you have wiring problems. It’s also important to choose a specialist you can trust. Call Handyman Power Service  Singapore to repair or replace your electrical wiring to keep your home safe. We’ll be here for you every day of the year.

Signs of Faulty Wiring

  • Burnt outlets, odd odors
  • Odd noises as well as warm outlets
  • Rodents, ragged wires

Hire Professionals

Experience is crucial when you need electrical repair done. Employing a novice worker might result in hazardous issues as well as a risky structure. The electrical systems in your home and place of business are quite different from one another, and each needs a specialist with hands-on knowledge. If you need electrical repair done at your home or business, choose a qualified company with extensive expertise. Rewiring the whole home requires expert assistance, which is important.

Certified Support

Electrical contractors vary widely. You can be certain that you are receiving the best installation and repair services when you call Handyman Power Service  Singapore. We are licensed in Singapore to ensure that we only provide specialist legal assistance. ​

Emergency Services We Offer

When an electrical emergency arises, you may obtain immediate help. Contacting Handyman Power Service  Singapore ensures that you’ll always get knowledgeable assistance. Choose the team you can always count on to be there for you in an emergency.

Our Wide Range of Electrical Services

For both commercial and residential properties, we provide full electrical services. Our team handles everything, including rewiring homes and installing LED lights in your office. We also have specific requirements for installing entertainment systems, rewiring historic buildings, and specialized wiring. Whatever your electrical needs, we will do the task skillfully, effectively, and affordably. In Singapore, we also provide a rewiring package at a reasonable price. Everyone may afford the services since the cost of total home rewiring is so affordable. There is no need to be concerned about prices since everyone can afford to have their home’s wiring updated.


Are you prepared to hire a professional electrician? Contact our staff now. to get collaborative guidance and to receive a free project estimate. We have the team to do the task properly whether you need new wiring installed in your house or a circuit breaker repaired. Call us right away at +6585397063, or you may email us at support@powerhandyman713@gmail.com Our friendly team will be ready to help you. We will be pleased to provide top-notch services to resolve your problems.