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Water Tap / Faucet Replacement

Every kind of tap, such as those used in kitchen sinks, bathrooms, gardens, and washing machines, has a specific function. Ensuring that a tap is placed correctly is crucial to prevent plumbing issues such as dripping taps. To meet evolving needs, Handyman Power Service  Singapore offers expert water tap and faucet replacement services. You may be confident in hiring our team of experts if you’re thinking of replacing the water tap in your home. A few of the services we provide include

  • Fixing a leaky tap
  • Water tap replacement
  • Replacement of basin taps Singapore
  • Fixing a dripping tap
  • Replacing mains water stopcock
  • Replace kitchen tap
  • Faucet Replacement

More than just faucets and taps

Not only are your taps functional, but you can also use them to improve the aesthetics of your kitchen and toilets. There are many of options for taps that may bring even more beauty to your kitchen. When thinking about selling their property, home buyers often examine these little details. For this reason, it’s critical to entrust all of your tap and faucet installations and replacements to a licensed and experienced plumbing business like Handyman Power Service  Singapore.

Principal Reasons for Leaky Taps

  • Levers that wobble: Over time, faucets that get a lot of use develop an unsteady condition and eventually start to leak water. Over time, the leaks get worse, and you eventually need to replace the lever.
  • Water pressure: When broken pipes cause problems with the water pressure, faucets sometimes leak. A qualified plumber must aid you when there is a pipe-related disruption in your tap pressure.

Damaged parts: One of the many parts that make up a damaged faucet might be the source of leaky water taps. This is often the case with mixer taps or density-type faucets that provide both hot and cold water.

Poor fittings: Your tap may likely start to leak after a short period if it’s not professionally installed or replaced.

Hard water build-up: The rubber seals meant to keep faucets from leaking may sustain deterioration in areas with very chemically laden water. This eventually results in a faucet leak.

Motives for quickly repairing your leaking tap

The annoyance of watermarks that appear over time is one of the disadvantages of having a leaky tap. These blemishes may be difficult to remove and give the impression that your property is older than it really is. Eliminating these blemishes also costs money and effort. If a faulty tap leaks badly while you are asleep or gone on a trip, it might also result in overflowing and ruining your home. Additionally, you feel comfortable repairing that leaky tap right now, so give Handyman Power Service  Singapore a call at +6585397063 or contact powerhandyman713@gmail.com.