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We repair and replace many types of doors, including wooden doors, aluminum doors, glass doors, and sliding doors. Door hinge replacement, door & metal gate lock replacement, gate latch replacement, hdb toilet door lock replacement, and door frames repair are all available. We repair toilet doors, main doors, room doors, garage doors, and other doors. The aluminum doors are introduced below.


Aluminum glass doors are house and workplace entrances constructed of aluminum metal and glass panes. The doors are popular in many regions of the globe and are popular with business and condominium owners. Because aluminum is not an excellent heat conductor, they are mostly suited for cool climates.

Another reason why they are popular is because they are simple to install and maintain. They are also widely available in many contemporary marketplaces in a variety of forms and patterns. If you ever need to diagnose and fix your aluminum glass door, Handyman Power Service  Singapore can help:


  1. With these doors, you must first determine the precise kind of door that has been put in your property. Aluminum glass casement doors, aluminum glass fold doors, and aluminum glass slide doors are all common varieties.
  2. Sagging might be the cause of a door that refuses to open or shut as readily as it used to. If this is the case, you must readjust it.


  1. A readjustment entails returning it to its original frame to make the opening and closing operations easier.


  1. Check the screws positioned in the center and corners of each side of the rail. Unscrew the screws using your screwdriver.
  2. Once loosened, ask someone to assist you in returning the door to its original position. You must ensure that it is correctly aligned with the rails or you will have to repeat the operation.
  3. Once you’re certain it’s in the right spot, have your assistant hold it securely in place while you tighten the screws.

The steps outlined above will assist you in repairing any aluminum glass door that has begun to sag. If this does not resolve the issue, contact a professional since it indicates that the issue needs more than a basic remedy.