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Handyman Power Service  Singapore provides specialist lock installation, lock repair, and lock replacement for all types of doors. Broken or faulty locks may be replaced or fixed on the spot. As a professional organization, we prefer to repair the lock rather than replace it, minimizing any potentially costly damage to the surrounding door. We take pride in our award-winning security services, which combine almost a century of involvement in cutting-edge innovation to supply entrance bolts that keep your stuff secure. However, no entrance lock is impervious to troubles brought about by a buildup of dirt and filth, as well as concerns brought about by the weather.

Typical door lock issues

  • Distorting

Distortion is usually caused by changing weather conditions, since doors may change form due to the influence of heat and water. This might cause locking points to cease operating.

  • Locked down

If you can input the key but not spin it, the lock is detained. This is most likely due to grit obstructing the lock. To unclog a clogged lock, it must be cleansed and oiled.

  • Shattered key

A new key may not be suitable for a lock if it has been improperly cut or has uneven edges that must be dragged down. Broken keys may also get locked in a door and shatter if too much effort is used while trying to rotate them.

  • Slow locking

Sluggish key rotation is common when grit or grime has accumulated in the lock over time. A hard, sluggish rotation might also be the cause of a key being stuck in the lock.

  • A broken lock

If they are not properly stored, they will deteriorate with time. If a key only turns partially, your lock may be faulty. Examine the serious discoloration, corrosion, or other visible indicators of wear as well.

  • The doorknob will not shut.

If the bolt is not properly ranged with a hit plate on the door support, the door will sometimes not shut. You may notice the misalignment as well, but it is best to hire an expert like Handyman Power Service  Singapore to repair the issue.

Handyman Power Service  Singapore provides a lock replacement service.

Our lock replacement service is ideal for sole proprietors, property management companies, and company owners. Allow us to assist you in taking the necessary measures to make your sites feel secure. Handyman Power Service  Singapore may come to your home and replace your old locks with new ones. We can also boost lock safety by replacing standard locks with high-security locks.