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Parquet flooring

The main part of your house is the flooring. It takes a lot of work to decide what kind of flooring your home needs. The flooring market offers a wide variety of options in terms of types, colors, and materials. Choosing durable wood or parquet flooring is a great option if you want something that is wonderful, looks great, and endures for a long time.

What is Parquet Flooring?

In Singapore, parquet flooring has long been a popular flooring option, especially for rooms. Inspiring styles and samples can be accompanied by parquet floors, which will make your space feel cozy and elegant. To match the style of your interior design, a variety of colors are available. The less noticeable tones in the more oblique parquet hues give your area a serene and opulent appeal. Lighter colors can enhance national or Scandinavian design by creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Generally speaking, the opulence of the parquet has an exceptional characteristic that makes it a good complement to the overall design of your home by providing timeless tastefulness.

Why is parquet flooring preferred by many families in Singapore?

Is maintaining a parquet floor simple?

The sturdy wood used for parquet appears very natural and withstands varying temperatures. Parquet flooring often lasts a few very long times without showing signs of wear and tear. The parquet flooring is more durable and may be re-sanded and stained once more to give it a different appearance. The parquet floor can be stained whenever you’re interested in a certain hue.  Parquet flooring is absent from a sizable number of Hdbs, condominiums, and land holdings. The parquet flooring contains features that make it durable and comfortable for feet to walk on.

Is maintaining a parquet floor simple?

In a hot, humid climate like Singapore, maintaining parquet flooring is remarkably simple. Strong wood flooring is always easier to clean since the stain sticks to the wood and builds a layer of sealant to protect the wood from any water or other fluids. Due to the additional time spent moving furniture on the floor, there may be scratches and imprints. Your parquet flooring will look great for a very long time if you can avoid these mistakes.

What types of wood are used to make parquet flooring?

To install parquet flooring, any sturdy wood can be used. Indo Teak, Burmese Teak, American Oak, and Maple wood are the readily available wood options in Singapore. In addition to choosing the wood, you must understand how the wood develops. The more mature the tree, the more benefits there are as a flooring, regardless of how old the tree was when it was cut down.

Singapore Parquet Floor Varnishing and Polishing Service

Wooden flooring appears beaten and used? Don’t worry; our floor staining service will easily repair this. But in addition to making your floors feel better, it also helps to extend their life. You can extend the life of your floors with proper maintenance because it helps to fend off stains and scratches. Additionally, putting floor stains will strengthen the flooring by making them more resistant to spills. Restore your wooden floors with our floor staining service, and your home or office will look fantastic once again! Give us a call right away! Alternatively, you might send us a few images and the location of your setting so we can provide you with the finest statements.

Parquet Staining

Are you considering a color change for your parquet flooring? Firstly, we can assist in aligning your timber flooring’s hue with your desired aesthetic. Furthermore, our commitment to modern technology ensures that we can help you achieve exactly the look you’re aiming for.

Parquet Installation

View the vast selection of solid wood and engineered lumber we offer. We at Handyman Power Service Singapore can help you modify the width and length of every lumber strip size to meet your specific needs. Please contact us so that our salesman can meet with you and recommend the type of wood that will best suit your needs.

Restoration and Fixing Services

Initially, we’ll explore some of the common issues that afflict typical wood materials. Subsequently, our exceptional repair and reclamation services at Handyman Power Service Singapore stand ready to address these challenges. We specialize in fixing, reviving, and restoring your wood furniture and parquet flooring to their original splendor. Moreover, we pride ourselves on delivering these top-notch services at a truly reasonable price to alleviate your concerns.

Blurred parquet floor

If cared for and maintained properly, a wood floor or parquet floor can normally last a very long period. Staying away from sun damage is as important as keeping garbage from damaging the wood or parquet floor. Daily exposure to UV beams may cause significant staining on your hardwood floors. The worst-case scenario will be a collapse of the integrity of your floor.

Scratches in parquet floor

Parquet and wood flooring often suffer from scratches. These imprints result from sharp objects impacting the surface, such as dropped mallets, or heavy items left stationary for extended periods—like a piano resting on parquet flooring.

Essential Advice for Homeowners

  • Property owners commonly encounter water leakage during heavy downpours when an overhang, attached to an open area, lacks proper waterproofing.
  • Excessive moisture near the bathroom entrance will damage the parquet flooring. Prevent this damage by keeping the area dry.
  • Building with water leaking out Air conditioning and damaging the parquet just below the floor. To completely fix the problem and avoid damaging the floor, simply contact an air conditioning overhauling company.

With Handyman Power Service Singapore, you can get superior services. Please get in touch with us if you require any parquet flooring repairs and restoration services. We would be glad to assist you.