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Repairing a washing machine

The majority of households continuously use a washing machine. It may be terrifying to wake up one day and discover that your washing machine is broken or that important clothes you need to wear to a certain function are trapped within the machine and the lid is stuck. Fortunately for you, we can handle all of your washing machine repair requirements right at your front door. With more than 30 years of experience, we have many satisfied customers. Bringing the large washing machine to the maintenance administration center doesn’t have to be a hassle for you. Instead, we will dispatch a technician to your house as soon as possible to assess the situation and repair your washing machine there. According to your problem input, the specialist will explain any likely further components that would need to be replaced so that the machine can be rectified immediately without the need for a replacement visit. We repair front stacking and top stacking washing machines of all makes and models.


As they are either trained in authorized washing machine repair facilities or they actually work for them under an agreement, our qualified experts perform similarly well to most firm’s administration centers. Fortunately, though, our rates are significantly lower than those of the other businesses offering these services. It’s also important that we only use OEM parts from recognized companies when doing repairs.The most frequent problems with washing machines are the drum not revolving, the siphon being blocked, water spilling, being out of balance, and problems with the top lock component.


During the washing cycle, the machine might be creating loud noises or harsh vibrations, or it could stop mid-cycle. The primary cause of each of the aforementioned issues might be any number of things, and our gifted specialists, with their knowledge, can surely identify the primary source of the problem and provide the appropriate arrangement. The washing machine is a very complicated device, so trying to repair it yourself may not be a good idea since it might exacerbate the problem and injure the machine even more. However, if you do decide to try looking inside the washer on your own, make sure the power is switched off and the water bay is empty before attempting to do so.

Brands Repair by Singapore's Handyman Power Service

We fix the following brands of washing machines.


  • Repairing a Samsung washing machine
  • Repairing an LG washing machine
  • Repairing a Bosch washing machine
  • Repairing a Hitachi washing machine
  • Repairing an Electrolux washing machine
  • Repairing a Sharp washing machine
  • Repairing an Elba washing machine
  • Repairing a Panasonic washing machine
  • Repairing a Toshiba washing machine Midea washing machine repair in Singapor

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